DIY: Thanksgiving Food Labels

Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

I know I should be thinking about the main event, but all I'm daydreaming about right now is making an open sandwich layered with leftover stuffing, turkey, and gravy! Okay, I'm starving!! No matter how full you are, if you're like me, you will be rushing to take home some leftovers... or if you are hosting, you may be pushing some on others. And why not make it look pretty with these free printable food labels. If you're keeping it fancy, you can also display these in front of your dishes and be sure to check out the prior post for free thankful tags that match the set!



If you can't find a food label for the dish you are making, just leave a comment and I will be happy to make some more!


If you have a circuit machine, you can you the print and cut option using the PNG files.  If you do not have one, then you will need to print out the pdf designs and use scissors to cut out the labels.  For leftover labels, you will want to use the label paper. If you are creating labels to display in front of your dishes, you can print the designs on card stock paper and attach it to a stand or fold the paper over so that it will stand up.

Printable Thanksgiving Food Labels

So go ahead, make a WHOLE bunch of leftovers and send some off with each of your guests... because if you don’t make way too much food for Thanksgiving, you’re doing it wrong.


*While I wish I cooked the delish turkey shown in the photo above, the original photograph of the turkey was taken by Tammy Ljungblad