New Year's Eve: The Party Doesn't Stop

New Year's Eve is a tad different after you have kids. but that doesn't mean the party has to stop! Last year I found a great way to keep the little ones in the spirit and awake all the way to the new year! 

To start the celebration, I tied up 7 balloons that each contained a piece of paper with an activity written on it.  Starting at 6 o'clock, I let them pop the first balloon and we read the activity aloud.  Each hour we would pop another balloon and enjoy the activity for the hour. After a few times of this, they were counting down to the next time they got to pop the balloon! The last balloon that we poped at midnight was filled with confetti and special "happy new year" message. I broke down the activities by hour for you below.

6 o'clock: PARTY HATS

  • Who doesn't like to dress up for the party! Create a few blank hats and let them have at it with the markers (washable!)
  • You can create your own or use a special new year's eve template here:

7 o'clock: BUILD A FORT

  • Get a few chairs together and throw a blanket over it. It doesn't have to be too elaborate, kids love it no matter what! If you have flash lights, or if you can make some tunnels that only amplifies it!


  • The kids can have the mocktails and you can pour a little of the good stuff in your cup!
  • Tasty mocktail ideas:

9 o'clock: FACE PAINTING

  • You don't have to be an artist to paint your kid's face... and they probably won't sit too still anyhow, but they'll still love it.
  • Check out these helpful tips:

10 o'clock: MAKE SOME SOUND

  • Save this one for as long as you can, trust me. If they are getting a little tired, this is sure to pick them up, but may make you go a little crazy.
  • Different ways to make some sound makers:

11 o'clock: FIREWORKS IN A JAR

  • You can enjoy fireworks without the crying babies!  This is a real fun way to get into the spirit in case they don't like the loud noises that real fireworks bring or can't stay up to watch the real deal ones. Also you can throw a little learning in there about the science behind it!
  • Helpful instructions here:


  • Fill this balloon with confetti and when the clock strikes midnight pop it over their heads! Make sure the kids are in their pjs and ready to go to sleep, because by this time you want to plop into bed asap.