DIY: Mod Podge Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Egg Mod Podge
DIY Easter Egg Mod Podge

Easter is a week away and its time to start making some amazing easter eggs showcasing your best pics! Follow this DIY to transfer images on to your easter eggs. WARNING: once see how easy it is, you will want to Mod Podge everything in your house!


  1. Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. Mod Podge (I choose the Matte Finish)
  3. Images printed with a laser printer
  4. Brush (Any brush will do, but I used these Foam Brush)
  5. Scissors
Mod Podge Easter Egg Material


SELECT IMAGES: You can mod podge any image that you want to transfer onto the egg. I adjusted a few of my favorite pics of my boys to be black and white, because I'm a sucker for black and white... but this will work in color too. If you are using the mod podge I listed above, the white in your picture will become transparent which is something I love because it makes the images look like they are transferred onto the egg instead of looking they were glued on. If you using the Mod Podge Photo Transfer, this will also work but the white on your image will also transfer onto the egg.

ADJUST SIZE: You will want to adjust the size of your images to be not much larger than 1" x 2.5".  Since eggs aren't flat, it becomes difficult to press the image on smoothly to the surface when the image is larger.

ADJUST ORIENTATION: Once you have selected you images and sized them, you will need to flip any picture that have words so that it will read correctly when transferred. If you are using Photoshop use the following to do this, Image --> Image Rotation --> Flip Canvas Horizontal.

I created some designs shown below that I have already flipped over for you in the provided download.

Easter Egg Mod Podge Word Design

PRINT WITH LASER PRINTER: After you selected your images and have adjusted them, you need to print them with a laser printer. This is very important, if you use a ink jet printer it will not transfer correctly! I went to office depot and printed them for under a dollar. 


CUT IMAGES OUT: Cut your images out leaving a small amount of white paper around the edges so you can hold it easier when applying the mod podge.

APPLY MOD PODGE: Apply good amount of the mod podge to the front of our image.

PRESS IMAGE ONTO EGG: Flip your image over and press onto the egg. Starting with the center, gently smooth out the image to ensure that there are no bubbles. Since the egg is not flat, you will get some creases in the image - try to make sure they aren't on an important part such as a face.

LET DRY: The hard part... waiting. Set the egg back in the fridge and let the image completely dry. I waited overnight, but you should be able to check back in 6 hours and continue to the next step.

Easter Egg Cut Images
Easter Egg Apply Mod Podge
Press Image Onto Easter Egg
Dry Mod Podge Easter Egg


WET IMAGE: With a wet cloth or sponge, dampen the image so that you can see it come through the paper.

RUB PAPER OFF: With your fingers gently rub off the paper. Do one layer at a time, letting the image dry and rewetting it each time. After a few times you should no longer have any paper remaining... if there is a little white fuzz remaining that is okay.

APPLY OIL: Apply a small amount of oil to the image. This will remove any white fuzz that was remaining.

Wet Mod Podge Easter Egg
Easter Egg Rub Paper Off Modge Podge
Modge Podge Easter Egg
Easter Egg Mod Podge

All done! Now take some pics and show them off!