Website Is Up

It is up and it feels so good! I have been a freelance graphic designer for some time now, but hadn't put up my official site to present my work until recently. I bought my domain name and it was just sitting there with a few starts of drafts over the years, but I could never get myself to commit to a logo and design that I was happy with. While I'm sure it will change with the newest trends and technologies, and my need to continue to tweak things because I'm a perfectionist, I have to let go into the world.. so here it is!

Desiree Dreszer Web Design.jpg

So how do you browse my site and what's in it for you?! I'd like to take you through a few areas of the site so then you can explore on your own!


I wanted to keep my site modern and minimal which you can see from the simple design. The main navigation can be accessed on the left or from the Menu Bar depending on the device that you are using. The home page presents you with a portfolio of my work and allows you to navigate to the projects that interest you. You can also access my blog, information about me, and how to contact me.

Desiree Dreszer Website Navigation


On the main page of my portfolio, you can access pictures of some of my work. You can view in the form of a gallery and click through each picture or you can switch to view thumbnails. See anything you like? Don't forget, you can pin it and share with others!


From the main navigation you can access my blog, where I will be focusing on DIY projects and design inspiration. You can view the excerpt and click "Read More" to access the full post, where you can add comments, like or share the post with others. On the right you have the ability to search, view topics by category, or see some of the featured work. Like my blog? You can subscribe by clicking the "blog RSS" and then selecting the blog reader that you use.

Desiree Dreszer Blog Navigation


As part of my blog and DIY projects, I will be offering various files that can be downloaded for FREE! I only ask that if you use or share it, that you reference back to my site. This will include pdfs that can be downloaded and printed out for a DIY project, psd files that can be used in anyway you want for your personal projects, or even jpgs to use as a desktop or phone background. This will be accessible from the main navigation and under the topics section in the blog. So check back soon for some freebies for St. Patty's day!


I'm on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram - check me out! I will be sharing different content on each that you may not see on my blog, so be sure to like and follow me. Click on the social media icons throughout my site to connect. You can also contact me via email on my contact page or directly by clicking the mail icon. So if you have any questions, inquires about potential projects, or just want to say hello...I would love to hear from you!