Repurpose your Thrift Finds

Vintage Finds

I love going to thrift stores and flea markets for so many reasons. Classics never go out of style. Period. Vintage is unique, has a positive environmental impact, as a higher quality, and has history... plus who doesn't love treasure hunting!  

Going to goodwill as become a family weekend tradition. It is something that we all can enjoy together and teaches the boys the importance of donating and giving back. I have taken a few of our recent goodwill finds and shown how you can use a key holder as jewlery organizer and a wooden box as a jewelry box.

Repurpose Your Thrift Finds
Thrift Finds Before

I bought this key holder because I loved the wood and shape and I thought it would be perfect to hang up my jewelry. I picked a few of my favorite necklaces and bracelets and hung them up from the pegs and put some rings and perfume on the shelves. Adding some jewelry can make an outfit, so I wanted to keep a few of my go to pieces out to help me remember to put them on before I leave the house.

Jewelry Organizer

To hold the rest of my jewelry I found this wooden box that had the same reclaimed wood as the key holder.  You could easy add a mirror and compartments to transform your jewelry box even further.

Jewelry Box
Repurpose Thrift Finds

So go thrift shopping, think about all new ways you can use your finds!